Score100 Measures & Grows
Students’ Potential

Trusted by over 800 schools, Score100 is an online assessment test that evaluates the “fundamental subject proficiency” of students from the Malaysian education perspective.

Our goal is to make fundamental subject proficiency test not only reliable, accessible and free.

Score100 assessment is currently the only standardized test that measures all skill levels, from Band 1 to Band 6, in alignment with Malaysian National Curriculum.

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Practice with Score100 Anytime, Anywhere

Score100 app is loaded with more than 2.3mil questions, 120k tests and papers of various subjects with ability to generate accurate assessment of your academic level.

Score100 is Your Learning Compass

Score100 empowers students with greater visibility on their learning strengths and gaps through full reporting and analysis aligned with Malaysian National Curriculum.

Assessment Can Be a Play

Everyone likes to play. Why not making assessment a play? Score100 game-based approach to assessment creates memorable learning experiences.

Score Play Play

A themed-based fun assessment students will beg to play. Earn powerups by getting answers correct. With constant new themes, there’s always a new way to play.

Score100 National Challenge

Score100 National Challenge is one of the much-awaited event every year where students from all over Malaysia are invited to join that objectively measure and assess their own fundamental subject proficiency at the national level.

Save the date for 2021 National Challenge!
25th & 26th Sep 2021

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Loved by Schools, Teachers, Students and Parents


  • Practice anytime
  • Take part in online assessment
  • Track their own learning progress


  • Save teachers’ time with easy select and add questions
  • Paperless
  • Auto-marking for objective test

Diagnostic Assessment Report

  • Assess class learning progress
  • Assess student learning progress
  • Summative assessment analysis for every class


  • Neatly categorized past years’ practice tests
  • School can check on every exam
  • Whole school educational performance analytics


  • Assess children’s learning
  • Work with teachers more closely
  • Follow children’s progress

Practice Makes Perfect

Try some of our most popular practice tests.

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Std 1-6


Std 1-6


Std 1-6


Std 1-6


Std 1-6


Trusted by over 800 schools and 60,000 students, Score100 is an online assessment test that evaluates the “fundamental subject proficiency” of students from the Malaysian education perspective.

Score100 is the everyday learning compass for students, aims to support their pursuit of greater academic success.


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