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The most trustedacademic diagnostic platform

It all started when Malaysia first imposed a total nationwide lockdown in Mar 2020. For the first time in history, schools nationwide have been completely closed for almost half a year due to the Covid-19 lockdown.

Despite the effort of recovering students’ education through online classes, students face challenges in keeping up on their learning and the situation worries parents, teachers and schools.

It was at the time Score100 launched our very first National Online Assessment wanting to help measure and assess students’ subject proficiency level from a Malaysia education perspective so that teachers can adapt lessons to support students in addressing their learning gaps.

Score100 is a powerful academic assessment tool for students, teachers and schools around Malaysia with auto-grading and analysis into every student’s learning strengths and needs.

The Only Standardized Assessment in alignment with Malaysian National Curriculum.

that measures all skill levels from Band 1 to Band 6, in alignment with Malaysian National Curriculum.


Make children’s every little effort counts

To make children’s every little effort counts! At Score100, we are all about lifelong learning. We want to be the e-learning companion for every student. We celebrate every little progress they made and provide an exercise field to help them get better each day as they continue to practice.


Build a Densai assessment platform

Unleashing the potential within every student is what drives us, which is why we are on a mission to build a Densai assessment platform. Densai means “genius” in Japanese. We believe all students are capable learners and rich in potential. Score100 supports every student’s unique learning pace. They get to choose when, what and which level to advance to when they feel right.


Trusted by over 800 schools and 60,000 students, Score100 is an online assessment test that evaluates the “fundamental subject proficiency” of students from the Malaysian education perspective.

Score100 is the everyday learning compass for students, aims to support their pursuit of greater academic success.


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